I like these guys.

Party Like It's 1985

I have written about my having made peace with the Royals, despite their insistance on keeping the World Series trophy from '85.

However, they should not get so uppity. Here's all you need to know concerning this week's series with the Cards - 3 games, 3 pictures -

The Wind Kicked Up Just a Bit

OK, so we had a little tornado here yesterday. That's a line you don't write everyday.

Everything's alright here where I live - some decent-sized limbs came down, but that's OK, I'll cut them up for the fire this winter.

Just across the street a pine tree was toppled over, the roots exposed. A couple of blocks away a park where my son likes to hit tennis balls got some damage.

And out on the bypass a store's roof caved in. Nobody hurt, thankfully. Maybe I'll get some photos posted tomorrow.

The good news is that this was not one of those salmonella-tainted tornadoes we've been hearing so much about.

It Does Not Matter Whether You Win or Lose

I found this story over at Justin Taylor's blog. What a great story! I dare you to remain dry-eyed.

Incidentally, Taylor's blog is worth checking on a regular basis.