Leader of the Pack

I have a VHS tape produced in the 1980's that tells the first 100 years of St. Louis Cardinals' history. As the exploits of pennant-winning clubs are recounted, the images are accompanied by music from the era. The portion of the tape which highlights Bob Gibson runs while "Leader of the Pack" plays.

Yes, sir.

If I had to win, I said win, one ballgame and could pick any pitcher to do the job, Bob Gibson would be one of only two or three guys I'd even think about. This article at ESPN.com tells you about his amazing, historical 1968 season.

You don't hear a lot about Gibby anymore and, even though he is highly regarded, I still think he's underrated, even forgotten by most baseball fans. I don't think his dominance is as appreciated as it ought to be.

But they all appreciated him in '68.


Yes We Can. But We Better Not, Part 2

This article illustrates another reason I think Obama is a risky choice for President that we cannot afford.

The middle east is volatile. It is populated by governments and regimes which regard the interests and/or people of the United States with apathy (at best), violent opposition (at worst), or something in between. In the midst of this caldron America's one reliable, Mid-East ally rests uneasily. Israel. A democracy.

And Barak Obama doesn't appear to like them very much. And if that's true, then he is wrong. You have to stand with your allies, particularly democracies and especially when much of the rest of the world will not stand with you.

America needs a free, democratic, strong Israel in the Middle East and if you cannot see that you are unfit for the Office of President of the United States.


Yes, We Can. But We Better Not.

He's a brilliant speaker. Apparently, that's all there is. What he does say plainly about Iraq and immigration would make us less safe, in my view.

He has potential, perhaps. But right now, he makes Jimmy Carter look like Winston Churchill.


Crazy Little Thing Called Love

My wife surprised me last night with a Valentine's gift on the day after. There is an old theater here in town, built in the 20's I think, that was refurbished recently and now runs a variety of movies and other productions. It's located off the Square in Springfield's reviving downtown district.

Last night they were showing Casablanca. Get this - I watched Casablanca in a movie theater and I sat in the balcony. I venture to say there are not many Boomers who can say they've had the same experience.

It was a wonderful surprise from my wonderful wife.

My friend Aarik has a nice post over at a vagabond's view concerning Valentine's Day and what it's supposed to be. Don't let the "hatin'" part in the title throw you.

(Incidentally Aarik - I did not purposfully "copy" your blog template, just so you know - discovery of your blog AND changing my template were coincidental and no representation of other blogs, ficticious or real, was intended. Or something.)

Aarik says:

I say you can only truly celebrate Valentine's Day if you are making concerted efforts to show the person you love that you love them the rest of the year. Love is not an easy thing to do or to show (it is certainly more of a verb than a noun) and thinking that you can say all that needs to be said once a year is a bit foolhearted. It would be one of the deepest desires of my heart that my wife know on Feb. 14, June 14, September 14, etc. that she is loved and loved well.

That's good stuff. And it's just what my wife did for me last night.

Our wedding anniversary is June 9 and one Christmas I gave my bride a "coupon" that indicated that, during the coming year, the ninth of each month would be a special day for us. It was wonderful to look forward to the ninth every month and Aarik has essentially suggested the same thing regarding the 14th. As he said, you make the effort all the time.

I hasten to add that, according to his blog labels, Aarik has posted on beards as often as he has love so use with discretion.


I Don't Have Time Tonight

. . . to elaborate on a thought that I hinted at during the World Series. The thought had application during the Super Bowl and also applies to the current political season.

(DING! We have sports seasons, seasons of life, political seasons, seasons of the year, buying seasons, selling seasons. I find some satisfaction in the fact that this pastoral word remains vital in 21st century vocabulary.)

The thought, in a nutshell, is that God is sovereign. What is unfolding - at the World Series, at the Super Bowl or on Super Tuesday - has all been foreseen and permitted. If permitted, then on some level it is God's will and plan. God is good, beneficent, powerful and all-knowing. I shall not fret over outcomes, but rather accept events as His revealed will and trust that He knows best. It's a lot easier to live with outcomes I think I don't prefer when I trust my Father about them.

There's more, but I am retiring for the evening.


Have a Super Tuesday

I hope you go vote. Participating in a representative democracy is, as Charlie Spoonhour might say, a heck of a deal.

The most important issue facing our country, I believe, is confronting the radical Islamic threat. I think most everything else pales in comparison. I am convinced that some of my friends and family may disagree with me on this. Other Christians probably take a different view. I can live with that and, I trust, those others would extend the same courtesy to me.

I believe either of the two leading Republicans would be a better choice on this issue than either of the two Democrats. My opinion.

If you are thinking Republican, don't vote for Huckabee - he cannot win, period. Confine your thinking to McCain or Romney. On this most important issue, McCain is fine, as is Romney. How to distinguish them?

How about these items: Supreme court nominations, illegal immigration, taxes and economic issues. When I consider these I come down on Romney's side. I think he is a better choice. I would encourage anyone to do the same.

Briefly, on the Democrats, my two cents. If I were voting in their primary, I'd go with the one I know instead of the unknown one. Hillary we know. Obama's a wildcard. He calls it "Change" because it sounds better than "You Don't Know Me From Adam and I'm Not Going To Divulge Anything!"

That's what I think.