Vacation Recap, Part 5

Wow! Five parts and I haven't even got to the good stuff yet! Surely, though, you can see the wisdom in breaking this up into more than five parts - who would want to read the whole thing at once?

Who would want to write all that at once?

Anyway, we woke up Friday morning in Homestead, Iowa, one of the Amana Colonies. It's a very interesting place and if you like crafts, homemade food and gift shops, it's a delight. We didn't spend much time there because of our itinerary, but it would be fun to go back. We did look at a mill that had opened before we left and saw lots of beautiful woolen goods as well as items from all kinds of fabric. We had to be on our way, though, because it was Field of Dreams day!

Dyersville, Iowa was where we were headed to so we could see the site of that famous film. After that, it would be on to Minneapolis, hopefully arriving in the early evening. In other words, a full day lay ahead and that's why we couldn't linger in the Amana Colonies for the shops to open.

The leg was pretty good when I got up and I was hopeful that recovery was well underway. However, after a few hours in the car it became clear it was getting stiff again. Even though I was getting around, I was hobbling, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to be discouraged again.

Still, we were on vacation, seeing some neat stuff and headed for a nice weekend capped off by church in a good place. What could go wrong?

Some pictures -

Driving east from Dyersville on Lansing Road brings you to a little rise and as you proceed down the other side, the view opens on your left - the Field of Dreams.

Here's one of my favorite pictures of my lovely date -

Here, emerging from the corn, is my heaven-sent bride -

"Uh, thanks, I don't think I can."

You know what I'm thinking here, don't you? Sure you do - I'm thinking this -

(End Part 5)


Is That For Here?

A previous job took me to Kingston, Jamaica a few years ago and while you could certainly find the quick service restaurants that are so prevalent here, i.e. McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, there were those of local flavor. My favorite I can't remember the name of, but it's where one could find a 'patty'. A patty is like a turnover with shredded, spiced meat inside. Delicious and very reasonably priced. I assumed these were purchased in much the same fashion as we shop the dollar menu - satisfying and inexpensive. In any case, all over the island, when you finished your order they would ask, "Is that for here, or take away?" Sometimes I said, "Take away."

Well, here's a food-related question for Central Standard readers: Ritz or Town House? And why? Tell us in Comments.

Also, for my bacon-loving friend, this sizzling report from Shepard Smith and Fox News. Click the link - it's unbelievable.