Is That For Here?

A previous job took me to Kingston, Jamaica a few years ago and while you could certainly find the quick service restaurants that are so prevalent here, i.e. McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, there were those of local flavor. My favorite I can't remember the name of, but it's where one could find a 'patty'. A patty is like a turnover with shredded, spiced meat inside. Delicious and very reasonably priced. I assumed these were purchased in much the same fashion as we shop the dollar menu - satisfying and inexpensive. In any case, all over the island, when you finished your order they would ask, "Is that for here, or take away?" Sometimes I said, "Take away."

Well, here's a food-related question for Central Standard readers: Ritz or Town House? And why? Tell us in Comments.

Also, for my bacon-loving friend, this sizzling report from Shepard Smith and Fox News. Click the link - it's unbelievable.

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Tim said...

I think what's important in this discussion to clarify what accompanies the Ritz or Town House. For instance, you eat Ritz with Easy Cheese (ya' know processed cheese like product in a mousse can) and save the Town House for sharp cheddar cut into reasonably uniform little squares. It's fundamental stuff really.
Moving on to soup, you put a little butter on a Ritz and drizzle a little of the soup on the buttered cracker and then ingest said cracker. I suggest you keep your own butter knife close to your bowl. I know I don't need to go into the obvious reasons why you would never do this with a Town House but just don't do it. Ever. Don't ever do it. You can do it with a Saltine, but not a Town House.
Now the lingering question remains which goes best with Peanut Butter. As you may know, legend has it that during the Dark Ages the Roman Catholic church only allowed parishioners to eat Town House crackers with peanut butter. It's a little known fact that after Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door at Wittneberg his younger brother Lou nailed his 2 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Sunday School Snack Director. While lesser known the 2 Theses had no less impact on the chuch. Today we know these 2 as the Protestant Snack Doctrines of Solus Koolaidus, and Solus Ritzus Semper PeanutButtera.