Ain't It Funny

It is now nearly a month since I last posted and for someone who says he likes to write, well, that's absurd.

What have I been doing? Well, for one thing, I just came in a little while ago from the grocery store where I purchased frozen green beans and 2% milk. See, I'm on this new diet . . .

Not really.

While I was at the store I looked at all the new chocolate bars. Now, this won't be one of those stories about the wonders of chocolate and how desirable it is and how good it makes you feel. (They say it's like love!) There have been plenty of those.

So, just take a moment to remember all those nice things about chocolate that you've read other places. I'll wait. (Yum!)

OK, so I was looking at the new chocolate bars. Starbucks has new ones. Hershey has new ones. They have a variety of fruit flavorings and/or nuts in them and many are made with cacao and the percentage of cacao is listed on the wrapper like the numbers which are posted on gasoline or whiskey or shotguns. Sort of makes you wonder.

"Have you heard about Earl?"

"No. What?"

"You know he always liked candy?"

"Oh no!"

"Yup - he's on 80% cacao now."

"Maybe's there's a program . . .?"