110. Your Comments

I thought I would cull the comments here at Central Standard and write about them. We are an interactive blog!

Cousin Bob from Poppy's Front Porch comments on Politics. Concerning McCain's VP selection. He said, "I hope you're right, (about Romney) and we should know today. I also wonder if it might be some "dark horse" that we haven't heard discussed yet."

Well! It was a Dark Horse selection and perhaps the cousin had some inside info from his neck of the woods in KC? After all, Obama was there the other day. Or was it St. Louis?

Friend Ryan wrote about the veep selection also. He said, "I love the fact that the McCain camp is floating these ads during the commercial breaks at the democrats' conclave. That's being proactive...hopefully he'll pick a decent VP. I hope he stays away from an unknown figure and goes with Huckabee (my personal choice) or Romney. I think Romney could be a negative over the next couple of months in the campaign...they'll exploit his wealth."

Sorry, Ryan, this didn't go at all like you preferred regarding an unknown or Huckabee.

One of the things Ryan sort of got at in his comment was the potential for someone dragging down the ticket. Frankly, even though I prefered Romney in the process, none of the known names provided much 'juice' to the ticket, in my mind. But Sarah Palin does. I think McCain hit it out of the park by choosing her.

Bob also opined on the Mo governor's race, saying he'll vote Hulsoff, but fears it's an uphill battle. I agree. I think "uphill battle" is the BEST Hulsoff could hope for against Jay Nixon.

Finally, Bob again on the Logo Farming that graces the right side of the blog. "So, who are / were the Whalers, anyway? Neat logo, I saw the W shaped like a tail fin...and it took me a while to notice the negative white space could be an H. My favorite might be the Brooklyn Dodgers with the bat at an angle, causing the words around the circular logo to be displaced a bit."

Right on, Bob! The Hartford (the white space is indeed an 'H') Whalers were in the old World Hockey Association and joined the NHL in 1979, along with a few others from the WHA. In 1997 the Whalers moved to North Carolina and became the Hurricanes. They later won a Stanley Cup there. The Whalers have a nearly cult-like following of fans longing, much like Brooklyn baseball fans, for the days when "the Whale" still skated in Hartford. Check out the earliest Whalers Logo.

And that Brooklyn logo is also one of my favorites. I like the same things you do, but the feature I like best is the Bridge.

'Til next time.

109. Front Page of ESPN.com

Coach Gary Pinkel, QB Chase Daniel - MIZZOU-RAH!


108. My Guess Was Wrong

Barring a Tom Eagleton-like breakdown, Mitt Romney will not be Vice President of the United States any time soon. My guess was wrong.

The next vice president with either be Joe Biden or Sarah Palin. I will bet dollars to donuts it will be Palin. I don't bet, of course.

I saw the announcement today from Dayton, Ohio and Palin is terrific. That seems to be the consensus of the blog world also or, at least, the portion of it that I bother with. Conseratives are stoked, by and large.

I think poll-watching will be fun over the next two weeks or so. By Sunday we should have all the Obama convention results in the poll. Whatever bounce he's going to get will be there. After that, it's all about how much the GOP can chip away. I am optimistic.

The Cardinals Toast Quotient is approaching critical levels. They are competing, they're playing hard, but they don't have the horses. The Cubs are beginning to pull away and St. Louis just can't seem to pick up ground on Milwaukee in the Wild Card race.

But, don't quit looking at them. Prince Albert is leading the National League in batting and may just bring home a batting title. He'll get lots of votes for MVP, but being out of the playoffs will depress his vote total.

I have to say that I thought we'd see more from the Royals this year, though they had a nice early portion of the season. I don't know what to say as I don't follow as closely there. I think the GM and the manager are solid. Probably a lack of horsepower in KC, too.

Mizzou starts tomorrow. I can hardly wait to see how good they will be. The National Title is the goal. Oh my! Are these the Missouri Tigers we are talking about?

107. My Guess

I posted earlier that I thought Romney would be a strong choice. I think it will be Romney.

Romney's strength is the economy and this is where the Democrats will hit McCain. Plus, Romney gives McCain a shot at Michigan and that state is in play right now.

I know Pawlenty's schedule has been cleared, but I wonder if that's not a diversionary tactic on the part of General McCain.

Of course I could be wrong - I'm rarely right about these things.

But I think it's Romney.


106. Donkeys In Denver, Tigers In St. Louis

I have already written that I think McCain's timing for his VP selection is very good. He'll probably, though I haven't heard, get it out in time for the evening newscasts so it will be the last big story before the weekend, when news is typically slower. After a week of Democratic hot air, McCain will have the last, succinct word. Beautiful.

This article hits just the right notes concerning how to pick a VP I think. Here’s some quotes - "Vice presidential nominees can hurt the top of the ticket. They can lose the one debate when the country is watching. They can disappoint key parts of the base and send them to the sidelines. They can make gaffes on the trail and thus feed the hostile MSM with storylines."

"But the most they can help is in a handful of states and on three crucial occasions --when they are announced, when they speak to the convention and when they debate."

"The only one of the rumored possible veeps who will almost certainly help in key states and on those three crucial dates is Romney, though Pawlenty is a likely assist across all categories as well. Senators Lieberman and Hutchison, Secretary Ridge, former Congressman Portman etc --they all raise worries about these four factors."

"Senator McCain is even going into the conventions, which very few observers thought would be the case. There is no reason for going long at this point, and every reason to allow Obama to keep beating himself."

I say just hit it long and straight and right down the middle.


I have Obama fatigue and the Democratic National Convention is as good a time as any to get away from politics because nothing of interest will happen there. So this is the ideal time to write about Mizzou football.

This promises to be an exciting year, one very different from previous years. In the past I would get the schedule and try to figure out how many victories were there in the schedule. And, basically, you would hope for about 8 wins. Enough to be respectable and competitive. And often it would take two or three years to get 8 wins.

This year is way different and I gotta say I’m not used to it. The Tigers are being mentioned as National Champ contenders and typically those kinds of teams have a chance to run the table, i.e., win all their games. Yikes! The very thought of Missouri having the kind of football team that could win all its games, and therefore be Big 12 champs, and be in the race for the National Title is mind-boggling.

What it means is that beating Illinois this Saturday at the Jones Dome in St. Louis is as important as beating everyone in the conference and winning the conference title game. We must win every game.

Wow. The air is thin up here!


105. Veep Skirmish

General McCain's forces, already in position, fire away.



104. Just When You Think You Are Done

You know I thought I was finished for the day after that long post (#103).

But I went and checked Powerline and found this: According to the Associated Press, the University of Illinois Chicago has now agreed to make public its records relating to the Annenberg Challenge, an organization founded by former terrorist Bill Ayers and headed by his friend Barack Obama. The records will be made available to the public on Tuesday.

The donor of the records is still unknown, and there is no way to know whether they have been "scrubbed" of information harmful to Obama since Stanley Kurtz first tried to look at them. No doubt we'll learn more starting Wednesday.

OK, stop me if you've heard this before:

Yes, you may see the files.
No, you can't see the files.
(Time passes)
OK, now you can see the files.
Oh, that's not all the files? Sorry, we'll get back to you. (This part hasn't happened in this case. Yet.)

Had enough? Vote Republican.

103. Taxes and Houses and Veeps, Oh My

Who will be Barack Obama's running mate? The world wants to know. Well, CNN and MSNBC want to know. Personally, I can wait.

Usually, the top of the ticket is the big dog, the head honcho leading the nation into the new - whatever. Well, consider this. Obama is the least qualified person ever to be nominated by a major party for president. And in a few hours, he will probably pick someone who does not outshine him.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

There is a danger in writing about Obama in the way I do. It is that I will be perceived as a negative, grouchy, crabby old man. Crotchety, even. Anti-whippersnapper.

I realize that. But I realize this, as well. I think the argument can be made that we live in the most perilous time since the end of the Cold War. OK, I understand that is not a large chunk of history. Nevertheless, I think it's a valid assessment. So, who then should we pick for president? Barney Fife or Marshall Dillon? The Disorderly Orderly or Dirty Harry? C'mon. It's not even close.

I write about Obama the way I do because two things are abundantly clear to me - 1) there are a handful of very dangerous and/or highly critical international conflicts, or near-conflicts, around the world, and, 2) every one of them demands more than teleprompter speeches and a victory lap through Europe. And that is all Obama's got. That is all he's got.

The world is more dangerous than that. We can not afford to give the keys of state to a guy that hasn't even completed Driver's Ed.

Well, what are others saying? Lots. If you are trying to keep up with the Obama news, it's tough. And I'm not even talking about all the "homer" coverage he gets from the mainstream media. Let's see if I can give you a taste and then maybe we'll talk about some fun stuff.

Back a few weeks ago, when Obama was on his Resume Safari to Europe, John McCain began running some ads that really took Obama to task. That was when the "Celebrity" ads came out. And I thought then that it was brilliant. Obama was on tour, on a schedule and basically working from a script. In other words, he was a bit pinned down and less able to respond to what was happening here due to, again his schedule, and the time zones. And that's when McCain started punching - when Obama couldn't do anything about it. It was very smart, I thought.

It also struck me as being strategic in the military sense. And for heaven's sake, John McCain is nothing if not military. And you know what? I think the campaign has been going that way ever since. There has been a precision and incisiveness to what McCain is doing. And I think Obama has been in the position of having to respond to whatever McCain dictates. And I think the poll numbers reflect that.

Well, here's someone who has taken the latest flap over houses and turned it into a military campaign and it's hilarious. I also think it confirms my thinking. But, of course I would think that.

Here are a couple of more thoughts to ponder. The Dems National Convention is this coming week, but how does the week end? With McCain announcing his running mate on Friday. Sure it won't get the foaming-at-the-mouth coverage that we've seen for the last two days, but it will be the capstone of the week. The timing is brilliant. Again.

And then I saw an article just a few hours ago where the McCain camp said it's expecting Obama to get a 15-point bounce from the Convention. That would be huge. But here's the deal. If he gets it, OK, that's what we expect. If he doesn't, then something must be wrong because he didn't have the bounce we expected.

I think McCain is playing Obama and the media masterfully. And better still, I don't think they know it. It's against the Liberal Code to think anyone could best them.

Here the guys at Powerline echo the "unprepared" theme. Here's a quote: "... one of the many problems with being a leftist is that it leads you to say lots of stupid things. Today, the Obama gaffe machine went into overdrive. By November, I suspect that most voters will have heard enough to know that Barack Obama is unqualified to be a middle-manager in a well-run company, let alone President of the United States."

You should read it all.

Same song, another verse. This one is particularly witty and I wish I had written it. Back in junior high, one of the dangers we had to face was getting "pantsed" during gym class. Getting pantsed meant that, unbeknownst to the victim, someone snuck up behind him and yanked the victim's gym shorts down around his knees and then the perpetrator would run off. That is getting pantsed. In this article, Obama gets pantsed. Here's a quote - “With all due respect, Sen. Obama, being president is above your pay grade. And the voters are starting to figure that out.”

As we all learned in "The Untouchables" there is something called 'the Chicago way'. Except in the movie it was a good thing. From the article - “Democrats don't like it when you say that Barack Obama won his first election in 1996 by throwing all of his opponents off the ballot on technicalities.

More - “Mr. Obama has never stood up against Chicago's corruption problem because his donors and allies are Chicago's corruption problem. Mr. Obama is not the reformer he now claims to be. The real man is the one they know in Chicago -- the one who won his first election by depriving voters of a choice.”

Hold on to your wallet. Obama likes to raise taxes according to this piece. And this one, too. Here's George Will - "This senator, who has never run so much as a Dairy Queen, is going to get a huge, complex industry to produce, and is going to get a million consumers to buy, (hybrid) cars. How? Almost certainly by federal financial incentives for both — billions of dollars of tax subsidies for automakers, and billions more to bribe customers to buy these cars they otherwise would spurn."

I know! Let's raise taxes to entice people to buy cars they do not want! Brilliant!

Have you Obama fatigue yet? I hope so. The more, the merrier.

Did you know Seahawks can run? Well, some of them do and after I read this article I was ready to hit the trail. Here's what they said about the run - "I really look at this as kind of a metaphor on life," Pattison said. "You want to stop and you want to quit, but that's the easy thing to do."

"This isn't about climbing Tiger Mountain specifically, since there are higher peaks with longer trails. And it isn't about time, since Pattison will still be running the trail this winter when the weather turns cold, the trail gets sloppy and the times can get downright glacial.
Running the Cable Line trail is more about dedication.”

My daughter and son-in-law honeymooned in Seattle last summer and they would like to go back there some time. Peter, you need to find this trail and run it. In fact, take me along and I'll run it, too. Or I will try. Or I'll hold your camera, or something.

Man, that was a long post. I'm glad it's Friday.


102. Triple Crown Thursday

Carl Yastrzemski is ill. A triple bypass was performed earlier in the week. Yaz was always a favorite of mine. We were Cardinal fans at our house and in those pre-cable TV days, we didn't see other teams much, just whoever was on NBC Game of the Week on Saturday afternoon. But somehow I knew about him. Maybe it was his fascinating, consonant-laden surname. He had a 'z' for cryin' out loud!

This article from the Boston Herald says that Yaz is the founder of Red Sox Nation. No disagreement here, though, Ted Williams certainly must have given the hopeful a glimpse of what could be.

The article says: “Forty-one years ago last night, on Aug. 19, 1967, he went 4-for-5 with four runs scored, two RBI, a double and a homer. The very next day, he hit a three-run homer in both ends of a doubleheader sweep over the then-California Angels to continue a historic one-man assault on the American League.

Back then, especially, Carl Yastrzemski seemed immortal.

What we know now, of course, is that Yaz is a 68-year-old man who needed triple bypass heart surgery last night at Massachusetts General Hospital, all while the redefined Red Sox of this era were continuing a late-season run toward the playoffs against the Baltimore Orioles.

Camden Yards once again was overrun with Red Sox fans, and you could not help but remember that Yastrzemski and that cataclysmic summer of 1967 was most responsible for starting all of this.”

World Series games were not played at night until 1971, I think. And in those days my dad would take some vacation so he could be home to watch the Fall Classic. In 1967 the Cardinals were pitted against Yastrzemski and his Red Sox in the World Series. I remember being in our living room when the Series ended with another title for St. Louis. As I watched, the Fenway crowd flooded the field and carried Yaz off the field on their shoulders. I was nine and I didn't understand this. I asked my dad, “Didn’t the Cardinals win the World Series?” He said that, yes, they did. “Then why,” I asked, “are they carrying that guy off the field?” My dad, in his characteristically understated way, simply said, “Because he had a good year.”

A good year? I guess so! It was a very good year, indeed. Yaz won the Triple Crown in ’67, leading the American League in batting average, home runs and runs batted in. Nobody, in either league, has won a Triple Crown since.

So the Triple Crown winner required a triple bypass this week. Here's hoping good things do come in threes.


Wednesday the 101st

According to the dashboard of Blogger, I have made 100 posts at "Central Standard". Some sort celebration should be in order, I suppose. But I just had a birthday and maybe celebrations should be strung out if possible. Or not. In any case, welcome to number 101.

I have Olympic spirit, yes I do. I have Olympic spirit, how 'bout you? I was at the park across the street yesterday, walking on the trail when I met a young boy riding his bike. He appeared to me to be in the 6-8 year-old-range. I smiled and nodded as we passed each other and I noted he was of Asian heritage. My next thought was, "OK, kid! You and me, on the rings, right now! Let's go!

Me on the rings, that's good. Imagine what a potato would do swaying at the end of two strands of dental floss - that's what I would look like.

What will Hillary do? Nobody has written this, but I get the creepy feeling that Obama has let the fox into the hen house by letting Clinton's name be put into nomination at the Democratic Convention. I know they said there would be safeguards and there is no way she would garner enough votes at the convention. Still. Obama's dropping like a rock in the polls. If things continue, he'll lose the election handily.

The Clintons do not suffer fools or defeats easily. Is it just me or does anyone else think she's working some of the delegates over? Is it just me or is anyone else not going to be surprised if things go down differently than expected during the rollcall? Will Hillary just stand by and let the Democrat be defeated in November? Or maybe she'll try to get on the ticket. She would only be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

One measly heartbeat.


Two Scoop Tuesday

Politics, you say? Certainly! One scoop, or two? Two it is! No, no! My thoughts are still just a penny.

Georgia is on our minds. I believe it is important to stand with our ally and help them defend themselves from invasion. This from a Hugh Hewitt post a few days ago:
“The U.S. needs to rush relief to Georgia and to continue the blunt condemnation
of the Russians. It has taken the weekend for the MSM to figure out that Russia
is attempting to turn an ill-advised effort by Georgia to reassert control over
its land into a strategic thrust against the West, but the butchery and the
bombing has clarified the picture. Russia is killing many innocent
civilians far from the area where Georgia attempted --rightfully if not
prudently-- to move its forces. That's the bottom line.”
And then there was this. I tried to find a quote to pull from this article which posted at Powerline, but the whole thing needs to be read. These are dangerous times we live in, probably more dangerous than 9/11. Look at the list of ‘hot spots’ : Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Israel, Afghanistan, North Korea, China come to my mind and undoubtedly there are more. How about Venezuela and Cuba? All of these trouble spots are skirmishes in a wider world war and it is the same war we have been fighting for ages and why wars will never cease until Christ returns. It is the war wherein free peoples defend their right to be free against the powers that would enslave, dominate, even obliterate them. Even more scary is the possibility that I may have understated the case and that far too many of the free people are asleep at the wheel.

And, as late as today, there is no clear indication that Russia is pulling out of Georgia.

There is much more to post, but I am out of time.

Until next time, so long.


Monday A Week

One of the most touching things that happened to me during all the birthday celebrating happened a few days before. I got a comment about one of my blog posts – from my own son! He just commented to say he likes the logos I have on my site and wrote to tell me so. Thanks buddy!

Then later, on my birthday, my wife wrote a touching post on her blog and I hope I live up to the nice things she said about me. Without her I am half a person, at best, and I thank God for her and I want to give her the tender care she deserves.

And finally, my daughter chimed in with greetings and she was nice to remember me in her post about their anniversary. If I get 50 more, I'll be here for your golden anniversary!

I am thankful, very thankful, for the family the Lord has graced me with. I love you all!


Monday the 50th

Today is the fiftieth anniversary of me.

Fifty seems like such a very large number. I am not that many, am I? I don't feel like it. Yeah, I know, that's what everybody says. Nobody feels fifty. But what I mean is, I also don't "think" fifty, either. I think I still act like that college-aged guy I was just a few years ago. Shouldn't a fifty-year-old be mature? Responsible? Wise? Stable? Unkidlike?

I still feel like a kid in so many ways, like I haven't really grown up yet. And I have no idea if this is good or not. What does a fifty-year-old feel like, anyway? Does anyone know? And if they do, why don't they tell us? Shouldn't this information be sent to you with the AARP card? "If you feel like this, you are 50. If you feel like that, you are not 50," or something.

Maybe feelings are not the primary thing here, and many times, they are not.

I guess what I would hope for is to be doing what I am supposed to be doing - be what I am supposed to be - and let the feeling part fall out however it wants. I know one thing about this time of my life is that it is harder to do stuff like exercise. It's not as easy to read for long periods of time, I don't concentrate like I used to, I lose interest in things quicker. I don't like that at all.

But there is no reason not to keep on pushing, to exercise, to read and study, to think. I'm still kickin'. I don't want to coast. In some ways I feel like I am just now figuring out how a "grown-up" is supposed to handle things.

I have much to be thankful to God for, more than I can list (and I'd lose interest after awhile anyway, remember?), but I will name two. I am most grateful for God's salvation extended to me in His Son, Jesus. I am undeserving, yet He commanded me to live in Christ and gave me resurrection power to obey. I am amazed to think of it - it's an old story that never gets old.

For my wife and children I am most grateful. God's provision for my maturity and joy. A very brief description of an eternal blessing.

I am very aware that my life is in God's hands and I don't know what the future will bring. For now, I am glad to be here.

And, friendly reader, I am glad you are here, too.

Without further ado, here's some other stuff that's 50 -

Sweet N Low

Jolly Green Giant

Rice A Roni

Cocoa Krispies

The Skateboard

The Air Force Academy

Chevy Impala


Dodgers and Giants on the Left Coast



Thursday of Open Windows

The heat has relented for the next few days what with a shipment of cooler and drier air having hit the stoop today. I've opened the windows and the attic fan is rumbling over my head.

The logo farming continues apace today. This is so much fun finding these things. There aren't really any rules here, except digging up stuff I like. I do notice a trend, though. It's heavy on 1960s and 70s items, which makes sense. I was a kid then and had time to look at ballcards and sports sections.

I seem to favor circular logos as well. Hmm.

Everything Is Significant - or so my wife thinks, anyway. And that is the title of her blog. She gave me the go-ahead to link there today. I suppose it is sufficiently populated now to suit her. However many words are there, I can say, with some satisfaction, they will be graceful, yet relentless, words.

Finally! Some common sense about Big Oil! And, may I say, I despise the term Big Oil. But it is typical of liberal politicians. Instead of telling you the truth, or stating the facts, they resort to hyperbolic and emotionally-charged descriptors designed make you hate their opponents and love them. It's called propoganda.

Why engage in a debate you will lose, after all, if you can make 43% of the electorate despise your opponent. Anyway read this about some really big profit margins.

Taking on Iran now is becoming increasingly important. Everything I read says that there is a point after which a shooting war with them will be disasterous because of the size of their nuclear arsenal. They don't have one, yet.

Better hit them before they do. Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that their dictator will use them if he gets them? Is there any doubt he will funnel some to Hamas and Hezbollah?

The job will probably fall to Israel.


Tuesday, Primarily

I went and cast a ballot in the primary election today. Honestly, I had no idea how to pick between Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulshoff in the gubernatorial race. I voted for Steelman basically because of her desire to end the ethanol mandate, but I don't think either of them stand a chance against Jay Nixon in November.

Obama is dropping like a rock and I wonder if there has been a presidential candidate who was more easily ridiculed than him in my lifetime. He is approaching, maybe surpassing, Michael Dukakis levels. A few weeks ago I speculated to my wife that if Barack were truly known by the electorate, he wouldn’t win 10 states in November. Is it possible that is where we are headed? Oh, my! It doesn't seem to me that he realized much of a return on his Resume Safari to the Mideast and Europe.

Disclaimer time - of course it’s way too early to know. A lot can, and undoubtedly will happen between now and November. But if something doesn’t begin to happen to effectively change the courses of these two campaigns, there’s no way Obama can win. And that would be an Almighty Mercy.

As for the images posted in the column on the right, I was just looking for a way to collect designs and logos that impress me or that I otherwise like. I have always been interested in art and looking back on it, my collections of baseball cards, comic books, Doc Savage books and beer cans were probably all functions of looking at graphic design. Here, I’m thinking old sports logos will be the primary interest. My son gets some of the credit for this. As his interest and desire for graphic design has grown, I’ve become interested again. If we get some of his work scanned, I will post some of it - he's pretty good, if I do say so myself. I don’t know if I’ll ever draw much again, like I did as a kid, but I do like to look at images that are, in some way, interesting to me. And I am probably just anal retentive enough to rank them in some way. How dramatic!!

Speaking of my number one son, he has now set up a blog at Blogspot. It's called The Hive. The reference is to a comic character that he and I developed. Mostly him.


Monday A Week

It has been a while since I posted anything - I have been bogged down with some other project.

I am very happy in God today and glad to say so. He is a treasure and life and breath today in a more vital way than I have sensed in the recent past and I am grateful for it. It is typical, in my life at least, for these mini-revivals to fade in a few days and I wish it were not so. But I think now in these more 'mature' years I am not so dependent on trying to work up a feeling and know the Lord never leaves nor forsakes any of His children. The point is, to be gratefully looking to Him for all things each day.

Hey! Take a look at this! My daughter and son-in-law have begun a blog and I saw it for the first time today and I highly recommend it. Looks like Peter wrote the first post about their fish. This would be a opportune time to mention my wife's blog, however, I don't think she wants me to until she has more posts. I will update you as events warrant.

Hot? Why, yes! And thanks for asking! My air conditioner has been running since I got home at 5:30 today. It just shut off at 9:46. It's set on 80. Hurry, October!

I had a great visit with my brother-in-law from St. Louis today and as is always the case when we talk, the conversation turned to the Cardinals. He often watches them and catches the post-game shows and tonight he told me about how frustrated the Gateway City has become with Tony LaRussa.

Well, we've all felt it from time-to-time concerning LaRussa. You'd like to give him his due and then he does something that, at best, makes you want to go remodel your bathroom with the largest toilet on earth so you can flush the TV down it. He does things like taking out a .308 batter for a pinch-hitter hitting .230 because it gives him more 'options'. There's more to the story but writing it would make my head hurt. Basically, thanks, Tony for 12+ very good years. I think I hear the Bay Area calling.

Matt 13:44. I mentioned at the top that God was like a treasure and it is true because Jesus said He was. For me, this is perhaps the most vital thing I can think when I think of God.

The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up. Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.

Consider this:
1) We all want joy
2) It can be found in God's kingdom, through Christ
3) The kingdom is so far more valuable than anything you have that, if you could get it by trading all your stuff, you would and the resulting joy would be so great you'd never miss any of the stuff you swapped.

That'll preach.

Maybe it just did.