Two Scoop Tuesday

Politics, you say? Certainly! One scoop, or two? Two it is! No, no! My thoughts are still just a penny.

Georgia is on our minds. I believe it is important to stand with our ally and help them defend themselves from invasion. This from a Hugh Hewitt post a few days ago:
“The U.S. needs to rush relief to Georgia and to continue the blunt condemnation
of the Russians. It has taken the weekend for the MSM to figure out that Russia
is attempting to turn an ill-advised effort by Georgia to reassert control over
its land into a strategic thrust against the West, but the butchery and the
bombing has clarified the picture. Russia is killing many innocent
civilians far from the area where Georgia attempted --rightfully if not
prudently-- to move its forces. That's the bottom line.”
And then there was this. I tried to find a quote to pull from this article which posted at Powerline, but the whole thing needs to be read. These are dangerous times we live in, probably more dangerous than 9/11. Look at the list of ‘hot spots’ : Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Israel, Afghanistan, North Korea, China come to my mind and undoubtedly there are more. How about Venezuela and Cuba? All of these trouble spots are skirmishes in a wider world war and it is the same war we have been fighting for ages and why wars will never cease until Christ returns. It is the war wherein free peoples defend their right to be free against the powers that would enslave, dominate, even obliterate them. Even more scary is the possibility that I may have understated the case and that far too many of the free people are asleep at the wheel.

And, as late as today, there is no clear indication that Russia is pulling out of Georgia.

There is much more to post, but I am out of time.

Until next time, so long.

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bee keeper said...

I was talking to a friend of mine here at character camp, who really is an interesting 'character' and i will have to tell you about him later...anyway, we were talking about politics and he still thinks that communist russia is still behind all terrorism and most everything bad on the eastern hemi. Could it be that what the god-man, Kennedy, started never got finished?