106. Donkeys In Denver, Tigers In St. Louis

I have already written that I think McCain's timing for his VP selection is very good. He'll probably, though I haven't heard, get it out in time for the evening newscasts so it will be the last big story before the weekend, when news is typically slower. After a week of Democratic hot air, McCain will have the last, succinct word. Beautiful.

This article hits just the right notes concerning how to pick a VP I think. Here’s some quotes - "Vice presidential nominees can hurt the top of the ticket. They can lose the one debate when the country is watching. They can disappoint key parts of the base and send them to the sidelines. They can make gaffes on the trail and thus feed the hostile MSM with storylines."

"But the most they can help is in a handful of states and on three crucial occasions --when they are announced, when they speak to the convention and when they debate."

"The only one of the rumored possible veeps who will almost certainly help in key states and on those three crucial dates is Romney, though Pawlenty is a likely assist across all categories as well. Senators Lieberman and Hutchison, Secretary Ridge, former Congressman Portman etc --they all raise worries about these four factors."

"Senator McCain is even going into the conventions, which very few observers thought would be the case. There is no reason for going long at this point, and every reason to allow Obama to keep beating himself."

I say just hit it long and straight and right down the middle.


I have Obama fatigue and the Democratic National Convention is as good a time as any to get away from politics because nothing of interest will happen there. So this is the ideal time to write about Mizzou football.

This promises to be an exciting year, one very different from previous years. In the past I would get the schedule and try to figure out how many victories were there in the schedule. And, basically, you would hope for about 8 wins. Enough to be respectable and competitive. And often it would take two or three years to get 8 wins.

This year is way different and I gotta say I’m not used to it. The Tigers are being mentioned as National Champ contenders and typically those kinds of teams have a chance to run the table, i.e., win all their games. Yikes! The very thought of Missouri having the kind of football team that could win all its games, and therefore be Big 12 champs, and be in the race for the National Title is mind-boggling.

What it means is that beating Illinois this Saturday at the Jones Dome in St. Louis is as important as beating everyone in the conference and winning the conference title game. We must win every game.

Wow. The air is thin up here!

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Ryan said...

I love the fact that the McCain camp is floating these ads during the commercial breaks at the democrats' conclave. That's being proactive...hopefully he'll pick a decent VP. I hope he stays away from an unknown figure and goes with Huckabee (my personal choice) or Romney. I think Romney could be a negative over the next couple of months in the campaign...they'll exploit his wealth.