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I thought I would cull the comments here at Central Standard and write about them. We are an interactive blog!

Cousin Bob from Poppy's Front Porch comments on Politics. Concerning McCain's VP selection. He said, "I hope you're right, (about Romney) and we should know today. I also wonder if it might be some "dark horse" that we haven't heard discussed yet."

Well! It was a Dark Horse selection and perhaps the cousin had some inside info from his neck of the woods in KC? After all, Obama was there the other day. Or was it St. Louis?

Friend Ryan wrote about the veep selection also. He said, "I love the fact that the McCain camp is floating these ads during the commercial breaks at the democrats' conclave. That's being proactive...hopefully he'll pick a decent VP. I hope he stays away from an unknown figure and goes with Huckabee (my personal choice) or Romney. I think Romney could be a negative over the next couple of months in the campaign...they'll exploit his wealth."

Sorry, Ryan, this didn't go at all like you preferred regarding an unknown or Huckabee.

One of the things Ryan sort of got at in his comment was the potential for someone dragging down the ticket. Frankly, even though I prefered Romney in the process, none of the known names provided much 'juice' to the ticket, in my mind. But Sarah Palin does. I think McCain hit it out of the park by choosing her.

Bob also opined on the Mo governor's race, saying he'll vote Hulsoff, but fears it's an uphill battle. I agree. I think "uphill battle" is the BEST Hulsoff could hope for against Jay Nixon.

Finally, Bob again on the Logo Farming that graces the right side of the blog. "So, who are / were the Whalers, anyway? Neat logo, I saw the W shaped like a tail fin...and it took me a while to notice the negative white space could be an H. My favorite might be the Brooklyn Dodgers with the bat at an angle, causing the words around the circular logo to be displaced a bit."

Right on, Bob! The Hartford (the white space is indeed an 'H') Whalers were in the old World Hockey Association and joined the NHL in 1979, along with a few others from the WHA. In 1997 the Whalers moved to North Carolina and became the Hurricanes. They later won a Stanley Cup there. The Whalers have a nearly cult-like following of fans longing, much like Brooklyn baseball fans, for the days when "the Whale" still skated in Hartford. Check out the earliest Whalers Logo.

And that Brooklyn logo is also one of my favorites. I like the same things you do, but the feature I like best is the Bridge.

'Til next time.

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Bob W. said...

Mike, no inside information on McCain's "dark horse" pick of Palin for V.P. Just a feeling, "you know, we've heard about Romney, Palenty, and Ridge so much, what if it's someone totally out of the blue"? Anyway, I think it was a shrewd move, and we'll see how it plays out. So far I like what I've heard.

As for the Brooklyn Dodgers logo, I must have had a "it goes without saying" moment. Yes, the bridge makes it...but I still like the design and color scheme. And the Florida League logo right below...that's good too. The design says it all.

Hey, you've put up some more in the last day or so! Are you getting these from mostly one source?