107. My Guess

I posted earlier that I thought Romney would be a strong choice. I think it will be Romney.

Romney's strength is the economy and this is where the Democrats will hit McCain. Plus, Romney gives McCain a shot at Michigan and that state is in play right now.

I know Pawlenty's schedule has been cleared, but I wonder if that's not a diversionary tactic on the part of General McCain.

Of course I could be wrong - I'm rarely right about these things.

But I think it's Romney.

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Bob W. said...

I hope you're right, and we should know today. I also wonder if it might be some "dark horse" that we haven't heard discussed yet.

Hopefully it will be someone who has the moral issues right, is pro-life, etc. Senator McCain probably figures that his base of supporters will vote for him, whoever he picks for veep. And he's right. At least, I know I couldn't vote for Obama, for a number of reasons.