Thursday of Open Windows

The heat has relented for the next few days what with a shipment of cooler and drier air having hit the stoop today. I've opened the windows and the attic fan is rumbling over my head.

The logo farming continues apace today. This is so much fun finding these things. There aren't really any rules here, except digging up stuff I like. I do notice a trend, though. It's heavy on 1960s and 70s items, which makes sense. I was a kid then and had time to look at ballcards and sports sections.

I seem to favor circular logos as well. Hmm.

Everything Is Significant - or so my wife thinks, anyway. And that is the title of her blog. She gave me the go-ahead to link there today. I suppose it is sufficiently populated now to suit her. However many words are there, I can say, with some satisfaction, they will be graceful, yet relentless, words.

Finally! Some common sense about Big Oil! And, may I say, I despise the term Big Oil. But it is typical of liberal politicians. Instead of telling you the truth, or stating the facts, they resort to hyperbolic and emotionally-charged descriptors designed make you hate their opponents and love them. It's called propoganda.

Why engage in a debate you will lose, after all, if you can make 43% of the electorate despise your opponent. Anyway read this about some really big profit margins.

Taking on Iran now is becoming increasingly important. Everything I read says that there is a point after which a shooting war with them will be disasterous because of the size of their nuclear arsenal. They don't have one, yet.

Better hit them before they do. Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that their dictator will use them if he gets them? Is there any doubt he will funnel some to Hamas and Hezbollah?

The job will probably fall to Israel.


Anonymous said...

nice logos dad...
and also, some exciting news.
i got to look at them from my dorm room.
the internet works!

Bob W. said...

Mike, tell Kathy I really like her blog. I check into it often and enjoy the photos she adds to her photo stream. I need to learn how to do that.

I plan on leaving her a nice comment directly, but for not, I'm in a mood to race through your entries and bombard your blog with comments.

Bob W. said...

Okay, that should be "for now", instead of "for not". Sometimes I get typing too fast for my own good.