Wednesday the 101st

According to the dashboard of Blogger, I have made 100 posts at "Central Standard". Some sort celebration should be in order, I suppose. But I just had a birthday and maybe celebrations should be strung out if possible. Or not. In any case, welcome to number 101.

I have Olympic spirit, yes I do. I have Olympic spirit, how 'bout you? I was at the park across the street yesterday, walking on the trail when I met a young boy riding his bike. He appeared to me to be in the 6-8 year-old-range. I smiled and nodded as we passed each other and I noted he was of Asian heritage. My next thought was, "OK, kid! You and me, on the rings, right now! Let's go!

Me on the rings, that's good. Imagine what a potato would do swaying at the end of two strands of dental floss - that's what I would look like.

What will Hillary do? Nobody has written this, but I get the creepy feeling that Obama has let the fox into the hen house by letting Clinton's name be put into nomination at the Democratic Convention. I know they said there would be safeguards and there is no way she would garner enough votes at the convention. Still. Obama's dropping like a rock in the polls. If things continue, he'll lose the election handily.

The Clintons do not suffer fools or defeats easily. Is it just me or does anyone else think she's working some of the delegates over? Is it just me or is anyone else not going to be surprised if things go down differently than expected during the rollcall? Will Hillary just stand by and let the Democrat be defeated in November? Or maybe she'll try to get on the ticket. She would only be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

One measly heartbeat.

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