Tuesday, Primarily

I went and cast a ballot in the primary election today. Honestly, I had no idea how to pick between Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulshoff in the gubernatorial race. I voted for Steelman basically because of her desire to end the ethanol mandate, but I don't think either of them stand a chance against Jay Nixon in November.

Obama is dropping like a rock and I wonder if there has been a presidential candidate who was more easily ridiculed than him in my lifetime. He is approaching, maybe surpassing, Michael Dukakis levels. A few weeks ago I speculated to my wife that if Barack were truly known by the electorate, he wouldn’t win 10 states in November. Is it possible that is where we are headed? Oh, my! It doesn't seem to me that he realized much of a return on his Resume Safari to the Mideast and Europe.

Disclaimer time - of course it’s way too early to know. A lot can, and undoubtedly will happen between now and November. But if something doesn’t begin to happen to effectively change the courses of these two campaigns, there’s no way Obama can win. And that would be an Almighty Mercy.

As for the images posted in the column on the right, I was just looking for a way to collect designs and logos that impress me or that I otherwise like. I have always been interested in art and looking back on it, my collections of baseball cards, comic books, Doc Savage books and beer cans were probably all functions of looking at graphic design. Here, I’m thinking old sports logos will be the primary interest. My son gets some of the credit for this. As his interest and desire for graphic design has grown, I’ve become interested again. If we get some of his work scanned, I will post some of it - he's pretty good, if I do say so myself. I don’t know if I’ll ever draw much again, like I did as a kid, but I do like to look at images that are, in some way, interesting to me. And I am probably just anal retentive enough to rank them in some way. How dramatic!!

Speaking of my number one son, he has now set up a blog at Blogspot. It's called The Hive. The reference is to a comic character that he and I developed. Mostly him.

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Bob W. said...

Mike, I really like the logos. So, who are / were the Whalers, anyway? Neat logo, I saw the W shaped like a tail fin...and it took me a while to notice the negative white space could be an H. The Milwaukee Brewers incorporating the baseball diamond in their logo...nice. My favorite might be the Brooklyn Dodgers with the bat at an angle, causing the words around the circular logo to be displaced a bit. That, and the selection of colors. Fun stuff...I'm collecting some logos I might use on my blog. Not sports related, other stuff.

Politics...now that the primary's over, I'll gladly vote for Hulshoff for governor. I fear it will be an uphill battle against Jay Nixon. If nothing else, Nixon has a tremendous amount of name recognition here.

Tell Jason I like his blog. I check it from time to time, and I'll throw in a comment soon.