Leader of the Pack

I have a VHS tape produced in the 1980's that tells the first 100 years of St. Louis Cardinals' history. As the exploits of pennant-winning clubs are recounted, the images are accompanied by music from the era. The portion of the tape which highlights Bob Gibson runs while "Leader of the Pack" plays.

Yes, sir.

If I had to win, I said win, one ballgame and could pick any pitcher to do the job, Bob Gibson would be one of only two or three guys I'd even think about. This article at ESPN.com tells you about his amazing, historical 1968 season.

You don't hear a lot about Gibby anymore and, even though he is highly regarded, I still think he's underrated, even forgotten by most baseball fans. I don't think his dominance is as appreciated as it ought to be.

But they all appreciated him in '68.

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