Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper, Too?

I couldn't resist running this bit from Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News:

Baylor's athletic director addressed one disturbing Big 12 trend after fans threw debris, including plastic soda pop bottles, at the Bears' last two games in Waco.
Maybe now you know why Baptists don't drink. They can't even hold their Dr Pepper.

I admit I'm a fan. Of Dr. Pepper, that is. I also admit it's an acquired taste.

We discovered when we lived in Texas that Dr. Pepper was treated with nearly as much affection as football in the Lone Star state. However, about the only place you could find it in northern New York was in bottles or cans at the store. No one had it at the fountain. McDonald's didn't have it.

Regarding Baptists and drinking, I . . . OH! Look at the time . . .

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Bob W. said...

Mike, I wonder if besides being an acquired taste, if there's also a genetic predisposition to acquire the taste. My kids will drink Dr. Pepper, so they must "get that" from my wife.

I am not a "Pepper". My sister is, though. How about your siblings?

I can just see it...now I'll probably have to do a series of interviews ("Did your mom or dad drink Dr. Pepper?") and add the results into my family tree project.

Or maybe not.