Crazy Little Thing Called Love

My wife surprised me last night with a Valentine's gift on the day after. There is an old theater here in town, built in the 20's I think, that was refurbished recently and now runs a variety of movies and other productions. It's located off the Square in Springfield's reviving downtown district.

Last night they were showing Casablanca. Get this - I watched Casablanca in a movie theater and I sat in the balcony. I venture to say there are not many Boomers who can say they've had the same experience.

It was a wonderful surprise from my wonderful wife.

My friend Aarik has a nice post over at a vagabond's view concerning Valentine's Day and what it's supposed to be. Don't let the "hatin'" part in the title throw you.

(Incidentally Aarik - I did not purposfully "copy" your blog template, just so you know - discovery of your blog AND changing my template were coincidental and no representation of other blogs, ficticious or real, was intended. Or something.)

Aarik says:

I say you can only truly celebrate Valentine's Day if you are making concerted efforts to show the person you love that you love them the rest of the year. Love is not an easy thing to do or to show (it is certainly more of a verb than a noun) and thinking that you can say all that needs to be said once a year is a bit foolhearted. It would be one of the deepest desires of my heart that my wife know on Feb. 14, June 14, September 14, etc. that she is loved and loved well.

That's good stuff. And it's just what my wife did for me last night.

Our wedding anniversary is June 9 and one Christmas I gave my bride a "coupon" that indicated that, during the coming year, the ninth of each month would be a special day for us. It was wonderful to look forward to the ninth every month and Aarik has essentially suggested the same thing regarding the 14th. As he said, you make the effort all the time.

I hasten to add that, according to his blog labels, Aarik has posted on beards as often as he has love so use with discretion.

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