Have a Super Tuesday

I hope you go vote. Participating in a representative democracy is, as Charlie Spoonhour might say, a heck of a deal.

The most important issue facing our country, I believe, is confronting the radical Islamic threat. I think most everything else pales in comparison. I am convinced that some of my friends and family may disagree with me on this. Other Christians probably take a different view. I can live with that and, I trust, those others would extend the same courtesy to me.

I believe either of the two leading Republicans would be a better choice on this issue than either of the two Democrats. My opinion.

If you are thinking Republican, don't vote for Huckabee - he cannot win, period. Confine your thinking to McCain or Romney. On this most important issue, McCain is fine, as is Romney. How to distinguish them?

How about these items: Supreme court nominations, illegal immigration, taxes and economic issues. When I consider these I come down on Romney's side. I think he is a better choice. I would encourage anyone to do the same.

Briefly, on the Democrats, my two cents. If I were voting in their primary, I'd go with the one I know instead of the unknown one. Hillary we know. Obama's a wildcard. He calls it "Change" because it sounds better than "You Don't Know Me From Adam and I'm Not Going To Divulge Anything!"

That's what I think.

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