I Don't Have Time Tonight

. . . to elaborate on a thought that I hinted at during the World Series. The thought had application during the Super Bowl and also applies to the current political season.

(DING! We have sports seasons, seasons of life, political seasons, seasons of the year, buying seasons, selling seasons. I find some satisfaction in the fact that this pastoral word remains vital in 21st century vocabulary.)

The thought, in a nutshell, is that God is sovereign. What is unfolding - at the World Series, at the Super Bowl or on Super Tuesday - has all been foreseen and permitted. If permitted, then on some level it is God's will and plan. God is good, beneficent, powerful and all-knowing. I shall not fret over outcomes, but rather accept events as His revealed will and trust that He knows best. It's a lot easier to live with outcomes I think I don't prefer when I trust my Father about them.

There's more, but I am retiring for the evening.

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