Where Have I Been?

It has been a long, long while since I've posted - and I've missed it, speaking for myself. I won't presume to speak for the two of you who I think check on me here.

I suppose it all goes back to the wedding my daughter insisted on having - and I don't want to leave the impression that we begrudge her a wedding - heavens, no! But if you've ever thrown one of these wingdings, well, you know that of which I speak, er, write.

The two kids are happy as larks these days, married nearly 3 weeks! And I have found a few minutes to write this. A beautiful ceremony, it was. They married in the chapel at College of the Ozarks, which I've posted before. If you want a beautiful wedding, have it in a beautiful spot, that's what I say.

A word about my daughter's new in-laws. What great folks! The reception hall was decorated to the hilt. While the beautiful, inspiring chapel required little in the way of decoration, the fellowship hall was, shall we say, more needy. And so, it was treated to a lot of sprucing up which made it look like a fairy land. The deal is, the fairies leave early and you've got to clean the place up after all the caking and punching. So we were prepared for a long night of turning fairy land back into a pumpkin, or something. Well, the Maddox family, near and far, pitched in and bailed us Scowdens out. They just jumped right in without any coaxing and I'm sure, cut that job down to a fourth of what it would have been. Thank you Maddox family!

And our good friends, Sherry and Gary, who helped with the chocalate fountain (what a great idea, eh?), thank you so much for your help in the clean up, as well as the emergency run to the deli!

It was a delight to be a part of the whole affair, not just because my daughter celebrated the biggest day of her life to date, but also because my vision of God's kingdom and family and friends was enlarged.

And something like that should have been written sooner.

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Anonymous said...

Dad, I enjoyed reading your blog. You are a good writer. Your perspective is unique - I was glad to hear, er, read it. :-) It made me happy and sentimental, warm and fuzzy.
I love you.