BCS? No Problem!

There is no college football playoff and I, for one, don’t think it’s a problem. It often sounds like I’m the only one who doesn’t think it’s a problem. Socialists running for president in a free republic and proposing more and more ways to establish government control over our lives is a problem. The lack of a college football playoff is not a problem.

It wasn’t that long ago that this BCS system was initiated, then tweaked and tweaked some more. Before that, the polls determined who the National Champ in NCAA Division I football was. And I can remember when nobody was terribly perturbed about that. The season ended, the bowl games were played, there was a final poll and the number one team in the poll was national champ. We moved on. On January 2 we moved on.

Then came 24-hour sports channels on cable TV. All of a sudden “it’s obvious” we have to have a college football playoff.

I wonder if this playoff would be on TV? Right.

Well its trash the BCS Season again and, once again, everyone bought a permit. Every year someone gets slighted by some perceived BCS flaw, hence, the aforementioned tweaking. It’s very wearying to listen to the sports talk when this is the topic. After a while, fantasy football talk begins to sound interesting. Or, come March, let us devote hours of airtime to debating the 65th team selected for the NCAA basketball tournament. It’s like soap operas for men. Well, “guys” might be more accurate.

Where was I?

Anyway, one of the schools which is “suffering” this year is Missouri, whose football team I’ve made no secret about rooting for. For one glorious week, the Tigers of Ol’ Mizzou were the number one team in the land according the poll. This week, after falling to Oklahoma, they were relegated to a non-BCS bowl, the Cotton.

Can I say, I’m not complaining? Can I say Mizzou went a lot farther, a whole heck of a lot farther, than anyone thought they would back in August. There’s a lot to be thankful for here. Can I just ask, did anyone really think Missouri was the best team in the land for that one week. I didn’t. I don’t believe anyone really did. And that opinion, THAT, is the major flaw in the BCS as far as I can see. The problem is the voters and what they do.

And I propose a solution.

Just put the teams in order from best to worst. If you believe that a two loss USC team is really the best team in the land, then vote ‘em number one. Is this so hard? This cockamamie stuff that allowed Missouri, my team mind you, to get to number one because LSU, Ohio St and Kansas all lost is crazy. Do you really believe Missouri’s Tigers are better than LSU’s Tigers. I don’t. So why vote them number one?

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I think if people voted their opinion about the relative strength of teams instead of according to unwritten rules, or whatever, there might be less carping about the BCS.

Or not.

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