113. 9-11 Plus Seven

We all know what today is and it is certain that you have seen and heard reminders of various kinds throughout the day. I have nothing special to add.

But, let's not forget. Let's not forget What or When or Who. And, remembering, let us fight to preserve our Liberty. Let's fight Tyrants and spread Liberty abroad.

Today's anniversary casts a shadow over some of what I had in mind as I sat to write. But some of it is appropriate. I won't be maudlin nor emotionally manipulative. However, in Remembering, we see the choices we face in November in a different light, just as the Novembers of '02, '04, and '06 were rightly seen differently from elections past.

You must read this article from Powerline. Among other things, it quotes Diana West saying, "'We appear to have decided to remember 9/11 as something akin to a natural disaster that came and went rather than as a part of a diffuse but discernable push to advance the law of Islam." Moreover, Diana contends that one "effect of 9/11 has been, on balance, an accelerated campaign of accommodation of Islam's law in the West.'"

If you are like me, you want to live in a free America, not an Islamic one. If we are to remain free, there is going to have to come a point where we throw the fanatics' tea into the harbor.

Who, you may ask yourself, is more likely to throw the tea into the harbor, should it become necessary? The Democrat or the Republican? This article has an idea and here is a bit of it: "We will listen closely in the debates to what Sens. Obama and McCain say about Islamic terror. To vote for Sen. Obama is to also vote for a Democratic Party that consumed most of the political system's available oxygen for seven years fighting a U.S. president harder than they did the perpetrators of September 11. Political struggle is ever with us, but given the realities that 9/11 revealed (as did the terror bombings in Europe), the relentless scale of the Democratic opposition to the Bush administration's antiterror policies is hard to square."

Any vote for ANY Democrat is a vote to strengthen the party and it positions. And of late, the Donkeys' prevailing attribute is to fight Republicans harder than the terrorists. Would they really rather lose a war than lose an election? This is unconscionable.

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