138. Friday Night Music

I've been meaning to mention some songs that have caught my attention lately.

I listen to an online radio station at work and you can rate the music or the artist or the album or any combination and when you do, the station is supposed to respond with more selections that you will like. And it works pretty well, I think.

Right now, my favorite song is "How Are Ya' Fixed For Love" by Frank Sinatra and Keely Smith. I don't know why exactly, but it's a very happy tune. I like the orchestra a great deal and the two singers are excellent together. Of course, Smith was the long-time wife and partner of Louis Prima of "I Want To Be Like You" fame.

I think that Chuck Berry's cover of "Route 66" is the best version of that song and I had never heard it until a few months ago. If you follow the link, the player is to the right. It took me a while to find it.

Finally, John Mayer has a song called "Stop This Train" and I really like it a lot. I didn't know much about this guy, but my son has some of his music and I heard it while riding in the car with Jacob. This song is about aging and the rhythm evokes a moving train. The lyrics are great. One verse:

Had a talk with my old man
Said, "Help me understand."
He said, "Turn sixty-eight,
You renegotiate."

Most meaningful though is on my birthday in August, Jacob took me to Panera Bread for an iced mocha and on the trip he cued up this song because he knew I liked it.

Very nice.

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