A Happy Meeting

I ran into an old friend last night and we had a great time. We met at a new place downtown that's been there a few months, but I had not been there yet.

You know when this happens, you haven't seen them in a long while, but you pick up right where you left off? That's how this was. We didn't miss a beat.

Have we changed over the years? Sure, but I recognized my friend right away. Little things that were said, the things that made us laugh and smile were still the same.

And the time just flew! I sat back and soaked up the fun of our renewed friendship. And it was extra special to share the experience with my son and son-in-law. They were aware of the friendship, but had never really met before.

I guess we spent two hours together - just me and Jim.

And Scott.

And Leonard.

And Chekov and Sulu and Uhura.

And Spock.

I can't wait to see them again.


Bob Wingate said...

You wrote this well, Mike. I thought you had recognized an old friend - in the usual sense of meeting someone in person - until you started naming names.

And no, I haven't seen the movie yet, just too much to get done lately. I'll have to see it soon though, as some friends I see often are liable to let out with a "spoiler" if I wait much longer.

Mike said...

Thanks, Bob. Writing it that way served two purposes and I hope it came through. It was, firstly, a device, to obscure where I was going until I was ready to reveal it.

But secondly, the honest feeling I had walking out of the theater was that I had, in essence, had a fun visit with a dear old friend. I've told several people as much since seeing it.

I enjoyed it very much and I trust you will too.

Please see it at a quality theater with updated screens and projection. It'll pop off the screen!