Something I Forgot To Say

I had meant to get this on yesterday but you can probably tell by the way I began that I didn't. You can also guess that I'm doing it this minute. All that remains is for you to know what I was going to say and I could quit right now.

Alas. You all are bright, but until you start writing in 'Comments' about things I haven't posted yet, I suppose I'll continue to tell you stuff as if you don't know it yet.

And, what I was going to write isn't really worth this three paragraph song and dance we've just gone through, but here it is. Coming into today's game with Detroit, St. Louis' Albert Pujols was four Total Bases shy of fifth place on the Cardinals' Career list for Total Bases. He had 3007 coming into today and trailed Ken Boyer who had 3011.

I just looked at the box score and the game is still in progress, but Albert has a homer which gives him the four total bases to tie Boyer, so the next hit he gets will break the tie. Enos Slaughter is in fourth place with 3138. In first place is, of course, Stan Musial with 6134.

It'll be a while before Pujols, or anyone else gets there.

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