Takin' It Out For a Spin

Hey, here's a new post written on my old blog on a new computer. How's that?!

The kids (our daughter and son-in-law) surprised us with a new machine this Christmas. Our old one was very cranky, showing signs of dementia and a bad back. It had eaten a floppy drive about three years ago and had never given it back. Son-in-law found some super-duper deal on the new one and they got it.

We are very grateful and very unfamiliar with this new machine's personality, but we'll manage and, I expect, we'll become fast friends before long.


Bob Wingate said...

"It had eaten a floppy drive about three years ago and had never given it back."

I'm not sure you'd want a floppy drive back after it had been devoured by a very cranky computer.

Congratulations on the new compy, and Happy New Year!

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