unManning or Manning?

I sort of covered myself with my Super Bowl pick by saying the Colts would win . . . unless the Saints did. Boy, was that spot on. I'm like The Amazing Kreskin.

Honestly, though, right before I said that, I said that I didn't think the Saints could stop Indy QB Peyton Manning and, obviously, they did. I think that was the big story from the ballgame, the New Orleans defense. Manning was very unManning-like, unless you think that all the accolades that had been heaped on him of late were misplaced and that he really is like the guy who used to lose to Tom Brady every year. In that case, he was Manning-like and his only championship still is against a Chicago Bears team quarterbacked by whats-his-name.

Today was another day in the string of Valentine goodies my wife is treating me to each day. She is an extra special lady, in case you are curious. There have been chocolates and ball cards and a CD. And socks. I needed socks. Anyway, she's celebrating 14 days of Valentine's by giving a gift each of the days leading to the 14th. She seems to be enjoying herself and I know I am! "remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35

It was also hamburger night. After work I went to the fitness center at the hospital and then went home. After a shower, I made hamburgers. This is probably no big deal to you, but I really like hamburgers and would just as soon have a hamburger as most anything you could name. Go ahead and try it. Name something and I will bet I like a hamburger better. This may only be interesting to me.

After dinner, '24'. After several episodes of laying groundwork and plodding along in workman like fashion, Jack and Renee got busy. My bride and I were commenting about this very thing tonight and I said, "It's about time for it to get going. They are still climbing (like a roller coaster)." About 60 seconds later there was a flurry of stabbing and shooting. The natural order of things was restored.

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