Another Thought On Wrong Predictions

Here are good thoughts from a guy named Mike Wittmer concerning the Harold Camping mess of last weekend.

"Christians should feel a twinge of sadness every night when we turn in to bed, for we have lived another day without the return of our King. The Lord’s Prayer includes the line, 'May your Kingdom come soon' (Luke 11:2). As far-fetched as Camping’s prediction was, his spectacular miss should prompt us to reassess our deepest longings. Will we only scoff at his delusion, or will we also remember that we should want our Lord to return?

Perhaps we aren’t excited for Jesus’ return because we’re too easily pleased with the present. As one preacher said, 'It’s hard to pray, ‘Thy kingdom come,’ when your kingdom has had a good year.' Thank God for the good life you presently enjoy, but don’t allow his current blessings to distract you from the Christian’s prayer: 'Our Lord, come!' (1 Corinthians 16:22)."

Good stuff. Here's the whole thing.

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