I have been reading the story of Joseph lately. Today I am struck by another aspect of the purposes, designs, and sovereignty of God.

Why was God pleased to use Joseph in the manner He did? And the question is not meant to focus on Joseph, but God. Joseph, about whom the Bible makes no critical observations, is put through the wringer. He had not wronged his brothers, yet they despise him. He had not wronged Potipher, indeed, he was faithful to Potipher under the most difficult circumstances, yet Joseph is thrown in prison. In prison, he rises to the top again, yet is forgotten by one who received help from Joseph.


Why does God put this man of apparently noble character through this ordeal? Keep in mind, God could do anything He pleases in any manner He pleases. In other words, it is not necessary for God to put Joseph through the ordeal for the outcomes we see to occur.

Jacob and his family could have been led to Egypt to escape the famine another way.

God did not have to send the famine.

Pharaoh's advisors could have been inspired to think of the plan.

Potipher's wife did not have to have a roving eye.

The possibilities are innumerable.

But God chose this particular way.


Why send a faithful man through the grinder?

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