A Hole You Could Drive A Terra Nova Through

Upfront disclaimer: I have never once watched an episode of the program "Terra Nova". I have no idea if it is worth my time or not. Until now, I have chosen not to seek it out. I did find Gregg Easterbrook's observations about the holes in the program's plot to be amusing. Here's one -

"For that matter when the mercenaries of a Generic All-Powerful Evil Corporation come back to the past to seize booty, they had no reason to materialize outside the Terra Nova colony and go to war with its noble soldiers. The mercenaries could have used the time machine to materialize before Terra Nova was built, then grabbed whatever they wanted at their leisure. Instead they traveled backward in time to the only point in millions of years when they would be opposed by force."

 Time machine owners! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

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