01/20/13 - President Romney?

At the Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol weighs in with his view of the upcoming race for the presidency.

"(I)f I had to put money down now, I'd bet that Mitt Romney will win an easy victory after a relatively predictable, issue-focused, and not-too-nasty campaign. Indeed, I'd bet Romney will win precisely if he runs such a campaign. But if he allow the race to degenerate into name-calling and gotcha gimmicks, he could lose. Democrats are better than Republicans at the small and nasty stuff."

There is starting to be a little momentum amongst the commentating class regarding the likelihood of a Romney victory. I've kind of been thinking this way, too. I really believe he has a chance to win this thing in a big way. I heard Mary Matalin say the same thing Monday. (I'm not claiming to be an expert. At one point, I didn't think there was any way Obama would win in '08.)

Here's hoping it comes to pass. The sooner the policies of President Obama are history, the sooner we can begin to get the country moving again.

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