O Holy Night

The other day, Number One Son and I were driving somewhere, I think to the new Bond movie, and Josh Groban's version of 'O Holy Night' came on the radio. My son said something about it being his favorite Christmas song and it made me smile inside because I think it was one of my dad's favorites, too.

I told him about a particular Christmas at my parent's house. My older sister's husband, who is a very able musician, brought his cello along and, after all the presents were opened and while mom and others were preparing the mid-day meal, he began to play songs of the season for all to enjoy. At one point, dad requested 'O Holy Night' and I believe something was said about it being his favorite. At any rate, I know he liked it very much. And so does his son and grandson.

Groban probably likes it, too, but he's not related.

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