Wide Open

Last week, after Gonzaga was defeated in the NCAA basketball tournament, I heard the charge that the Bulldogs were overrated and should not have been a number one seed. I say, "How can you know?"

I mean, if you have that kind of super knowledge, shouldn't you be making money hand over fist in Las Vegas? You should, and if you are not, I'm guessing you are guessing.

Here's what is going on the tourney and I'm writing this not because I'm a genius, but because I listen to people who know and this is what they are saying. That is: there is not dominant team in college basketball, like last year's Kentucky squad; and, the tournament is more wide-open than it has been in years.

It's not that Gonzaga was overrated. It was that there has to be 4 number one seeds. Compared to Kentucky last year, everybody this year is overrated. But that's not how it works. Four ones, four twos, and so on.

The tournament has been crazy this year and that is just what you would expect in a wide-open year. Sit back and enjoy.

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