Michigan Snubbed

I'm a Missouri fan. That right there should tell you that I'm used to pain, but that's not really the point because I'm not in pain. I am used to disappointment and Michigan is experiencing a boatload of that right now. What I mean to say is, I have no great love for the Wolverines or their fans - I can empathize - but, no great love from here. I don't too much care for the Big 10 (11) one way or the other, I can take it or leave it. That said, Michigan got ripped off.

Ohio State will play Florida for college football's championship.
How is a casual football fan like myself supposed to get revved up about this game? Once upon a time there was a game that I was intensely interested in. It was the Ohio St. - Michigan battle that took place a few weeks back. One ESPN radio talker called it the "game of your lifetime". What would be wrong with another game of my lifetime? What's so wrong with seeing somebody give Ohio St. a scare, huh? Maybe even beat them? Don't you want the best game? I thought we did.

However we won't see it. We're getting 'Gators instead. The Florida Gators. They just escaped Arkansas. Arkansas. They have no passing attack. One dimensional. And they hung 28 on Florida. What do you suppose the Buckeyes will do to them? Yeah. This game will be over by halftime. Somewhere in the third quarter America will looking for the remote.

Michigan, on the other hand, proved in Columbus that they can go toe-to-toe with the Buckeyes. Heck, Michigan might win the game on a neutral field. But no. Voters apparently don't want ANOTHER titantic struggle, they want variety. What a Croc.

And Michigan will beat USC, the OTHER team the voters got a crush on after Michigan lost to allegedly the best team in the country. That was right before the Bruins demonstrated they were not worthy. And Ohio St. will crush Florida. And the final poll will have the Buckeyes first and the Wolverines second.

And many will say that, It's too bad we don't have that Plus One game so number one and number two could go at it.

Don't you see? You could have already had the game you are gonna be pining for.

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