Uniform Update

I just sat down to look at the Rams - Lions game and what to my wondering eyes did appear but the Detroit Lions in black football gear.

Why are they wearing black? Black is not one of their colors. It looks hideous. The Lions are silver and blue - always have been. A couple years back, they added some black trim. Well, OK, doesn't make sense, but it's only trim. Doesn't look all that great, but it's only trim. Well, no more! A black jersey tonight! Looks horrible. Doesn't go with the rest of the uniform at all.

It all started when the Chicago White Sox went to their classic uniform in the early 90's - a black pin striped job. It looks good and there was actually some precedent for that uniform for them. No problem. This, however opened the floodgate and all kinds of teams, with no history of black in their uniform scheme, started adding it. Some of the more horrible treatments were a Cleveland Cavaliers job, the New York Mets, the Phoenix Suns (and the recent switch to gray is NOT an improvement) and the KC Royals.

It's time to stop. All you franchises with no history of team colors with black in them - stop now. Leave it to the Raiders and the White Sox and the Yankees. The 49'ers are also exempt, being the only team I can think of who added black as trim and actually improved the look of their uniform. Unless they pull out an all black job. Don't do that. Leave it to Johnny Cash.


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