I remember that, all my life anyhow, shampoo has come in bottles. I remember when Johnson's Baby Shampoo was introduced and suddenly everyone was washing their hair every single day because they could! It was keen!

By the way, I can make my kids roll their eyes and look incredulous when I mention the fact that growing up, we didn't wash our hair every. single. day. At least until Johnson's showed up.

Anyway, now body soap comes in a bottle and this is a great advance in that the shower no longer collects that slimy, gooey, snotty, rotting soap buildup. So soap in bottles is excellent. Until I put it on my hair. Or I put the shampoo on my body. The one advantage a BAR of soap has over the BOTTLE of soap is that it can't be confused with the BOTTLE of shampoo.

Is it just me?

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Keith Albertson said...

When I was growing up, hair washing wasn't a daily ritual simply because we had bathtubs, not showers. Yes, showers existed when the house was built in 1949, but the folks who had the house built apparently were bathtub people. So as a kid my choice was to either fold in half to wash my hair under the bath faucet, or wash my hair at the sink. Then I would get to clean up the shampoo suds on the wall. That's what I get for being nostalgic...there are some things about the old days I miss, but this isn't one of them. We had a shower put in oh, 12 or 15 years ago, and I wouldn't go back. Yep, the kids do roll their eyes. Once in a while my wife or I will mention something from "back in the day", and we'll get back the whole routine about "yeah, and you had to walk twelve miles to school and back, uphill both ways, knee-deep in snow every day..."