Waiting for Bill

In the New York Post today Deborah Orin writes that the 9/11 commission may have engaged in some selective investigating during the time they were empaneled.

Here are pertinent details: "It's starting to look as if the 9/11 Commission turned a blind eye to key questions that could embarrass one of its own members - Clinton-era Justice Department honcho Jamie Gorelick.

This week brought the stunning revelation that elite military spies pinpointed Mohammed Atta and three other hijackers as a terror cell more than a year before 9/11 - but were barred from alerting lawmen to try to lock them up.

A prime reason why that warning never came is that Gorelick - as top deputy to then-Attorney General Janet Reno - issued a 1995 order creating a "wall" that blocked intelligence on terrorists from being shared with law enforcement.

Commission staffers at first denied knowing about the elite military unit known as Able Danger, but later admitted they were briefed - twice - and Atta was specifically named. Still, it was conveniently left out of the 9/11 report.

It gets worse. Gorelick's defenders might argue that hindsight is 20-20. But that excuse doesn't work in this case, because she was warned way back then - when the see-no-evil wall was created."

Read it all.

I'm thinking this "wall" thing is going to bite some people big time. And, mind you, all of this during the previous administration. We have listened to everything from broad hints to out-and-out accusations that the disaster in New York in '01 was the failure of the current administration. And we heard it from the man on the street all the way up to highly placed officials and even former members of the Clinton administration.

Well. If this story proves true, and certainly we are on the front end right now, but if true, it's gonna get brutal.

And we know who will be the last man standing. I'm thinking that Gorelick and Reno are on the clock even now. It's only a matter of time before Bill throws them under the bus.

If he hasn't already.

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