Experiment in Appeasment

Fox News reports that the eviction of Jewish settlers from Gaza is underway.

"Prime Minister Ariel Sharon believes the withdrawal will improve Israeli security by reducing friction with the Palestinians."

ATTENTION all appeasers, European and otherwise! This is what you want, right? All that the Palestinians want is a homeland, right? They won't bomb Israel anymore, right? They won't export terror by way of the ports on the Mediterranean, right?

We shall see.

Or maybe just some of us will see.

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Keith Albertson said...

I'm no expert, but here's what seems to be the theory...from what I've heard on talk radio and read on the internet.

By pulling out of Gaza, some in Israel hope the new Palestinian leader Abbas (hope I spelled that right - correct me if I'm wrong) will assist by clamping down on terrorism.

I have to agree though, appeasment has a dismal track record. Can't say what I'd advise, other than this general comment. You first have to always do what you think is the right thing. Then -Maybe- you can concern yourself with the opinions of other world leaders.

But it's now a done deal, the pullout is complete. Time will tell, and some will indeed see. But it seems like some others will never get it.