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I hate the Eastern Time Zone. I could never get used to it. It's just wrong for prime time to begin at 8 pm. It's wrong for your late local news to begin at 11 pm. Oh, you can adjust in the sense that you turn '24' on at the right time, but deep down inside you know it's unnatural. (The 9 pm slot, not the show itself) If I have trouble staying up past 10:00, just how am I going to make it to 11 pm? The answer is I won't.

During our roughly two-year tenure as Florida residents there was a great deal that chapped me about living there, none of it worth mentioning. It was during this time that I conceived the idea of a blog named for the Midwest called 'Central Standard'. As in CST. And one of the special ideas was it would deal with news from the Midwest, and more specifically, the Ozarks.

I haven't done much of that - until now.

According to the Springfield News-Leader the town of Republic has no agenda. This is a refreshing bit of honesty. Would that all our politicians, school administrators and strident activists would similarly 'fess up.

Meanwhile, Indian Point has stuff on the front burner. Looks like their police chief has issues:
Although trustees could not reveal reasons (the chief) was
fired, (he) provided the News-Leader a copy of his performance review. The
issues included high cell phone bills related to personal use, failure to learn
basic computer skills and 15 other incidents in which he did not satisfy job
requirements outlined in a 2-inch-thick procedures manual.
And, according to one resident, he was the best they've had.

And shoe manufacturer Puma is confused. I don't think there's really a problem, nobody here thinks Drury is the Pumas. University veep Brian Radecki says,
"The important thing with this arrangement is there won't be any confusion,"
Radecki said Tuesday. "We certainly don't want to have people going out to buy
Puma merchandise thinking they were supporting Drury University."
Puma officials are not sure if they were just insulted.

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