I Think I'm Over It

OK, I think I'm finally over the '85 World Series.
Time heals all wounds, they say. I say that 22 years, 3 more Cardinal pennants and another World Series championship in St. Louis doesn't hurt, either.
In my post-85 anger and disappointment (we weren't supposed to lose) I tried to like all kinds of other American League teams instead of the Royals. I really did used to like them in the 70's. They had some very good teams then, especially the '77 team, which I think was better than either of the two KC squads to win pennants. And those KC teams, managed exquisitely by Whitey Herzog, were far more enjoyable than the Cardinals of the late 70's. Heity Cruz was a key player - that's all you need to know.
Anyway, we lived in Ft. Worth for a while, so I tried the Rangers. The Bobby Valentine years. Need I say more? By the way, I don't know where Valentine gets his cachet. He has never impressed me as a manager. Later we lived in Northern New York and I followed the Red Sox and the Yankees. Not very loudly, of course. Later it was on to Florida and, yes, I tried to follow the Devil Rays. It can't be done.
So we're back in Missouri and I've made peace with the Royals and tonight the Cards will invade KC for the annual (now) interleague battle with the Royals. Next week the two will hook up in St. Louis.
I can follow them both now, though my heart is firstly with the Cards. It feels good to be home.


Cousin Bob W. said...

Mike, good post, but of course I had to write. That '85 series was a special time, the only difference being no heartache here...we were celebrating! Which brings to mind I spoke with my sister in St. Charles recently. I mentioned that I root for both Missouri teams, and she replied, "I do too, except when they play each other". Which is as it should be.
I agree, the '77 Royals were perhaps the best team we had. Great memories of going to the stadium that year...

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