Mr. Seahawk

Mr. Seahawk is flying the coop. This article has the story.

When I was a kid we had a store in Branson called Cardin's Insurance Salvage. Cardin's was (and is) a store (warehouse) filled with salvaged items. A truck might wreck and insurance covered the whole thing. The usable goods went to Cardin's. A store might have a fire or a flood and the usable merchandise might wind up at Cardin's. You can pick up some real bargains.

So one day I came home from Cardin's with replica Seahawks jersey, number 10, quarterback Jim Zorn's number. What a find! You have to understand, this was the late 70's and nobody was wearing caps and jerseys as a part of their wardrobe and they weren't in any store. You couldn't find this stuff at the mall or anywhere else. Maybe you could order some replica jerseys from Sears, but not all the teams were available. This was big deal!

Anyway, I followed the Seahawks and liked Zorn a lot. He's a lefty like me and gosh, those Seattle teams were a blast in the late 70's. There was no telling what they might try.

Zorn was Seattle's first starting qb and he played from 1976 to 1984. He is Mr. Seahawk, but now he's moving on. He will move to Washington to be the Redskins offensive coordinator and I hope he has great success. However, working for Daniel Snyder is a dicey proposition. The coaching carousel spins so fast there it glows.

Seattle's coach, Mike Holmgren, is only on board for one more year and the heir apparent, Jim Mora, is already on staff. It could be that Zorn thought this was the time to move.

But, I don't like it. Zorn is a Seahawk in my mind. I hope he is a great OC, I just wish it could be in Seattle.

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