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I have never seen a feeding frenzy before, but there is one going on now in Democratic politics – the Clintons are being eaten alive by the party they have led for 14 years. Stories here and here.

I think, though, one probably shouldn't write Billary off just yet, but I would have never forseen the rejection they are experiencing just now. I wonder if some of the machinations of Dem politics are merely being carried to the logical conclusions. Politics on the left is, among other things, characterized by segmenting the population into women, black, Latino, handicapped, gay, poor, uninsured, etc. groups. They've catered to and enabled these groups and now, lo and behold, a woman is running against a black man for the nomination. Look out!

It also occurred to me that Bill Clinton is being thrown overboard, along with his wife, by vocal and influential members of the Democratic Party. It’s as if party leaders are saying, “Thanks for the ride, Bubba, we got what we wanted, see you later!” It’s almost like they’ve been using poor Bill all this time, like, oh, I don’t know, maybe like a philandering executive would use a young intern.

What do I do with these invitations to join groups? I got one today for LinkedIn. What is that? I never heard of it. Reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon where Calvin gets the chain letter and he freaks out over the imagined doom headed his way if he breaks the chain.

So do I have to answer the invitation? Is it rude not to? I barely know this person. Will I have bad luck? Does so and so really consider me such a valued asset that they will be hurt if I decline? Is it dumb to accept?

So it just sits in my inbox, unopened, unresponded to.

Happy Birthday to Legos! Fifty years old today, that makes us roughly the same age. Yep, me and Legos, sturdy, delightful, colorful!

Number one son came in the room and asked about the weather for later in the week. "Mom said one day would be nice." I'm not sure when that day is, but it's not tomorrow. Temps dropping all day from a start in the 50s. Nasty.

Finally, a man (besides myself) who understands the place of football in the world. Translation: the game is very caught up with the notion of its own self-importance. Good article.

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