Vacation Recap, Part 1

Earlier this month, my lovely bride and I took some vacation time and here, as promised, begins the terribly interesting recap. We had taken the 5 work days after Labor Day as vacation so, counting the weekends, we had 10 days off. The plan was to get some things done around the house and then take a four-day excursion north to see family, some attractions and end up in Minneapolis to attend Sunday morning services at John Piper's church before heading home.

On Labor Day I got up and puttered around the house a bit. A bit later, after my bride awoke and we discussed the day, I went for a walk. Before I was to the end of the street, I felt some kind of cramp or charleyhorse all down the back of my leg. It seemed to settle in my calf, which really tightened up. It was difficult to walk, but I tried to gut it out, hoping my leg would loosen up.

It didn't and I hobbled home. Back at the house, I told Kathy about it and it was clear that my calf was swelling. I must have hurt my leg some how, but I couldn't figure what I did to it. I tried to do some work out in the driveway, but both the project and my leg frustrated me. I got on the couch and put my leg up and that was some relief.

We ran some errands later, including getting a free chicken sandwich at Chik-Fil-A, but my leg was such a bother. After we got home we decided to check and see if we could get into our chiropractor on Tuesday morning. So, not much of our plans worked out on Monday and I was hoping that the chiropractor could help.

Tuesday morning I went to the doctor and received some treatment and I felt some better. It felt like we were on track and I would soon be over this ailment. But later that afternoon, as I lay in the bed resting, I was tempted to have a pity party and ask, "Why? Why did this have to happen? It's not fair! I'm supposed to be on vacation."

(End Part 1)

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