Vacation Recap, Part 6

I almost forgot my ID and password to log on to Blogger so I could write this post. Yeah, it's been a while. I don't know that I am any busier than I was, but it seems like I am.

So, where was I? I seem to recall visiting the Field of Dreams movie site and then it was on to Minneapolis. By the way, the meal of the trip was consumed in Dyersville, Iowa, the town near Field of Dreams. A place called Country Junction. Kathy and I ordered Peppery Parmesan Chicken and we split it. It was the only time on the trip I regretted splitting a plate. Boy, was it good! A breaded and fried chicken breast topped with Swiss cheese and Parmesan dressing. I'd like to have one right now. The fries were great, too. Stop and eat here if you are ever in Dyersville.

The trip to Minneapolis was uneventful. And long. Cornfields the whole way, with gigantic windmills appearing for about an hour or so during one stretch. Did I mention that it was long? Well, it was. It was all afternoon and into early evening getting to Minneapolis . . .

. . . where we hit traffic backed up on I-35. They had one lane closed which caused the huge jam up. You never know which lane is the closed one until you get near and then you have to rely on the kindness of strangers to get in line. We found a kind stranger who let us in. And we crept up the highway until we passed the clot in the road and could then resume speed.

Kathy had driven most of the way after lunch because, as was habit by now, my leg was stiff and swollen and I was running a little temp. To quote Calvin, "Boy, am I mysterious!" (not the theologian, the cartoon)

We got to the room and I got on the bed to prop my leg up. Kathy retrieved some supper and after we ate, she decided to ride the hotel shuttle to Mall of America. This was part of our plan, though we are not really interested in malls. But everybody said, when we mentioned where we were going, "You've got to see Mall of America!" We didn't really want to spend vacation time at a mall, but we thought Friday night, with nothing else really open to see, would be the time to go for a peek. Obviously, I wasn't in any condition to go, but Kathy did. When she returned she reported that it was a big mall.

Still to come - a Catholic wedding and a presidential visit.

(End part 6)

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