The Yankee Fan

My friend Gary is a Yankee fan. It's OK. In a country of 300 million people, a few are bound to be, well, special.

He wrote an email the other day wondering where all the comments were about the recent acorn-finding the Yanks had accomplished. We didn't see it for a day or two, but now that I know he's looking for a response, I'll oblige.

He wrote his email on the morning after the Phillies were done laying down. He says, "My office has several new bits of decor today -- all tagged with the infamous "NY". I also wore a "special" hat, a "special"shirt, and dug out my signed Matsui Yankee's bear -- in proper uniform, of course." According to some reports, Matsui will not be re-signed by the Yankees and will become a free agent. I hope Gary can find a little Red Sox uniform for his Matsui bear.

He says: "Hope your day is going as well as mine (snicker)." See, this is how Gary is. He wins. He laughs, points at the score, points at you. He wonders why everyone is slow to respond.

He notes the Congratulations have been slow in coming. "I can't even get people to answer their phones. They know it's me; they have caller I.D. Of course, I'm more than willing to leave a message, which I did in every case. I'm still waiting for return calls." See. See how he is?

He continues, "Did I mention that "27" is a good (make that great) number! What a TEAM! Okay, there I said it." Yes, yes you did.

And actually, Gary, I don't blame you for saying it. The Yankees are pretty good. I thought it would be a close Series that New York would win. I thought it would go 7, but 6 is close enough. Twenty-seven Championships is impressive. If my calculations are correct, there have been 87 championship seasons since 1923 when the Yankees won their first title. That means, having now won 27, New York accounts for about 31 percent of all the World Series titles won since. Every other team is in the Yankees' shadow.

So congrats, Gary! And it was a nice touch, too, that New York won in the first season of the new stadium.

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