Jack The Ripper

Former Cardinal slugger Jack Clark got in the box last week and started ripping the Cards new batting coach, Mark McGwire.

Here's some of what he said from the Post Dispatch -

Clark and McGwire both are scheduled to be at the club's Winter Warm-Up this weekend. Should they meet, Clark said, "I'm not going to say hello. I'm not going to shake his hand. He's a sad excuse for a player in the industry of baseball. Just seeing him in uniform makes me throw up. "He should not be in baseball. He should be banned from baseball more than ever."

Clark had some thoughts on other steroid users and you can guess what they were like -

"All those guys are cheaters —A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez). Fake, phony. Rafael Palmeiro. Fake, a phony.

"(Roger) Clemens, (Barry) Bonds. (Sammy) Sosa. Fakes. Phonies. They don't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.

"They should all be in the Hall of Shame. They can afford to build it. They've all got so much money. And they could all go there and talk about the next way to rub something on your skin. The whole thing is creepy.

"They're all creeps. All these guys have been liars," Clark said.

I don't find myself too far away from Clark's statements. I think the steroid players are cheaters and should not be honored.

It's no big deal if they aren't enshrined at Cooperstown.

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