Answer: 35 In August

Question: How old is Edgar Renteria?

That was my question the other day when I saw Renteria, now a San Francisco Giant, lace a hit into left to score a couple of runs. It seems he has been playing forever and yet, here he is, old as dirt, gettin' it done in the majors. Good for him. He became a St. Louis favorite when he played for the Cards from '99 to '04. He may best be remembered for knocking in Craig Counsell in the bottom of the 11th of Game 7 of the 1997 World Series to give the Florida Marlins a world championship over the Cleveland Indians.

I'm expecting the Cardinals to have a good year in 2010. Even though I think Chicago might be better than last year, I think a full season with Matt Holliday in the lineup and with Albert Pujols being healthy, along with possibly the best rotation in the league will be enough for St. Louis to win the division. That being said, I wasn't ready for them to lose a game yet, which happened the third game of the year. As good as they are I was hoping to win the first 10 or 11 before we lost. Bummer.

I saw some of the Masters golf tournament this weekend. I'm not big on watching golf, but I like to know who wins the major events. The overriding story was Tiger Woods, of course. I heard his statement a few weeks ago and was struck by how shaken he seemed to be. I honestly think he's been humbled by the prospect of losing his family. So, I'm praying for Tiger Woods. I would think his heart is most tender at this time. I pray that God would convert him.

Had a meeting last Monday night so I missed viewing '24' in its regular time slot. I watched it Friday night on the computer. I went to the website for the show and the Fox Network and clicked the button. I guess they are using something called 'Flo' to show the programs. Let's just say my experience with Flo was not a pleasant one. The feed stopped several times for two or three minutes. After about 30 minutes of airtime, I switched over to Hulu and had a much better experience. To be fair, the Hulu feed stopped to buffer a couple of times, too. But it was much more manageable. And '24' is excellent this year.

While I was watching my computer Friday, I could hear a lawn mower running somewhere in the neighborhood. It was dark outside. Mowing in the dark - you should try it. I did on Tuesday. My yard had gotten ridiculous and the week was jammed with things to do, so I had to get out there. But I had to go get gas first. And we ate first. And it was overcast. And the light faded quickly and before I was halfway through the yard, I began to jog. Yes, running in the dark with a mower. I could have put my eye out.


Tim said...

You kids quit running with that mower, you'll shoot your eye out!!!

Nozas said...

I've mowed plenty of times during dusk and early darkness. That's when I'm very grateful for good street lights...and think about putting headlights on the push mower.