Cool Image Of The Moment (UPDATED AGAIN)

Outdoor major league baseball has returned to the Twin Cities for 2010 with the opening of Target Field. The Minnesota Twins had been playing indoors at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome since the early 1980's, a facility they shared with the NFL's Vikings and the University of Minnesota that was not ideal for baseball.

UPDATE: Twin Cities resident and Powerline contributor John Hinderaker was present for Opening Day at Target field and posted some great photos and story.

UPDATE 2: James Lileks posted family photos of a trip to the old Metropolitan Stadium in Minneapolis. Included is a post card he has showing the stadium in the foreground and the tall buildings of downtown Minneapolis looking hazy in the distance. That stadium was knocked down later to make way for shopping. You have probably heard of what they built there.


Anonymous said...

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Bob Wingate said...

Not only have I heard of what they built there, but I have been to the Mall of America once. My wife and I were there for a short time, walked part way around inside and was suitably impressed by the size, the number of stores, and the crowds.

This was back when their Camp Snoopy was still there (we still have our Camp Snoopy at Worlds of Fun), and the highlight for me was watching people ride on the roller coaster - inside a shopping mall.