The Ground Will Shift, III

For the Kansas Jayhawks and their proud basketball heritage, all this could not be more demeaning. All of a sudden, Kansas' status as a major player in college athletics has been placed in the hands of Nebraska and -- humiliation of humiliations -- archrival Missouri. (ESPN.com)


Look, I understand the uncertainty. Later in this post we will see that Mizzou's fate is uncertain, as well. But still, it's KU. There's more:

While (Mizzou and Nebraska) decide whether to abandon the Big 12 for the more lucrative Big Ten, Kansas sits and sweats. A pullout by the Huskers and Tigers could result in the collapse of the Big 12 and strip Kansas, Kansas State and Iowa State of the safety and privileges of membership in a Bowl Championship Series conference.


I don't enjoy the demise of the Big 12, the successor of the Big 8, the longtime home of Mizzou athletics. But the clock was ticking as soon as Texas joined. Our neat little world became the Longhorns' playground and college athletics would never be the same.

ESPN Rumors is reporting that if Notre Dame decides to get into the Big Ten quickly enough, bringing that conference's membership to 12, then there may be no further expansion by the conference. This is the part where Mizzou gets left with nowhere to go. If Nebraska and Missouri do not commit to the Big 12, Texas, Colorado and four others will jump to the Pac-10. Couple that with the Big Ten suddenly being satisfied with adding only Notre Dame and the Tigers are out in the cold. This scenario is why I speculated that the Big Ten stirred this pot to create chaos to entice the Fighting Irish. The Big 10 has been strangely quiet since it began the whole thing.

Stay tuned.

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