What This Election Is About


THE WOOD said...

good video mike. The struggle I have is the issue of trust. I have heard many candidates come out and say they are conservative and turn out nothing but the opposite so it makes it hard to believe someone, however I do agree we need to get them out but we also need to be concerned who we are putting in or we will just repeat history


Bob Wingate said...

Mike, I agree with both issues, and I also noticed his delivery. Speaking for myself, I'd much rather vote for a man of convictions - that I agree with - who understands what's vital and gets to the point even if his delivery lacks polish.

BHO sounded more professional on the campaign trail in '08, and I have to think that most voters are now greatly disappointed. I hope this has truly been a wake up call to many, and the tide can be turned in these off-year elections and in 2012.