DEMOCRATS? JUST SAY 'NO'. In the past I have tried to focus on candidates in races for political office, but national Democrats are so blinded by their rage at Bush and Rove that they are killing us.

Here's an example: Yesterday the Republicans put that principle into action, blocking the Democrats' silly "anti-speculation" legislation because the Democrats would not permit votes on amendments that would expand drilling for oil and gas. The cloture vote was almost perfectly party-line, highlighting the fact that the Republicans want to expand domestic energy supplies, but the Democrats don't. (HT:Powerline)

The Democrats are killing us. I urge people everywhere to not cast a single vote for a Dem in November. Reid and Pelosi are incorrigible, Schumer is a snake, Obama is clueless.

Well, you say, Mike, that's the national party. There's some qualified state and local Democrats. I am sure there are, but to elect these reinforces their majorities and gives the party a "deeper bench" of personnel to move up the ladder. Do not encourage them.

Incidentally, they are wrong, generally, about taxes, the war on terror, siezure of private property, abortion, and censorship of talk radio (free speech), just to mention a few.

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